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Q1: The most important, was it “Leaving” or “Leave.”

"I’m Leaving". This is what Jessica said, revealing she wanted to leave repeatedly both in January and July of 2014. The members didn’t tell her to leave, they asked to choose between [her business] or [Girls’ Generation]. 

Q2: Lets check by comparing Jessica in January and July, what did Jessica say?

Last January, Jessica revealed she wanted to get married. In July, after Girls’ Generation concert in Japan, Jessica revealed she wanted to stop promotions. She revealed she “could not go on any longer” and needed to find her own life. 

Q3: She wants her own life? Is it marriage to Tyler Kwon.

Witnesses revealed that she did not have determination to be in Girls’ Generation activities. She repeatedly said she wished to study overseas next year, that she was looking into attending school, creating a fashion business, and that “If I quit Girls’ Generation, I will become a designer”.

Q4: How did other members take in Jessica’s story?

Girls’ Generation members just wished Jessica would give her best in the last album, if she was going to get married and start a fashion business. 

Q5: So did Jessica do her best in order to be part of Girls’ Generation?

So was she doing her best as a Girls’ Generation member during their activities? She didn’t have time. She was extremely busy with Tyler Kwon and concentrated on the Blanc fashion brand. 

Q6: In this incident, leaving Tyler kwon out of the pictures seems inevitable?
Jessica had a Tiffany&Co engagement ring, and told members she would be getting married next September in Hong Kong. Tyler Kwon was with her at every schedule she attended. 

Q7: During this crisis, had the brand BLANC has already launched?

No member disagreed that she could start a fashion business. But, no one thought it would be this quick and they believed it would be after she was married. Members asked her one thing, “Don’t let the business become your priority, and try to work hard on Girls’ Generation activities.”

Q8: Did SM Entertainment give permission to Jessica to start her business?
SM Entertainment did not block her business, and her contract did not say she cannot have personal businesses so they were forced to approve it. 

Q9: The conflict got worse after launching of ‘BLANC’
She had already planned out her life after getting out of Girls’ Generation, to create a portfolio (as to not take the SATs) and was focused on launching her brand fast in order to do this.

Q10: It seems that Jessica talked of leaving in the beginning?

Jessica said she would do one last album and focus on her “dream” later. She was more focused on personal activities, so members pleaded with her to focus on Girls’ Generation activities, at least until the last album.

Q11: It was heard that Jessica had a sudden change in mind?

Dispatch received information on September 15th that after some discussion, Jessica said she would want to continue to be in Girls’ Generation after getting married.

Q12: She wanted to do both? (Korean idiom: Catching the rabbit)

Jessica did not want to let go of her business or Girls’ Generation. She invested too much money into her business, and the other 8 members wanted her to wait until after their promotions as a courtesy to fans. 

Q13: We heard there was a sudden meeting in September?

In September, it was decided it would be difficult for Jessica to participate fully in fan tours or the last album, so they hosted a meeting to discuss and asked for a final decision. 

Q14: What was the result of the meetings?

The group had 2 - 3 meetings, and then Jessica left to New York thinking there was no need to talk further. She returned one day before the fan meeting, but the members felt that for too long Girls’ Generation had become her 2nd job, and not her priority. 

Q15: What is Tyler Kwon’s involvement in BLANC?

Jessica put more of her money into BLANC than Tyler Kwon did. His job was to launch it in China, helping her get the sunglasses into Chinese and Hong Kong department stores. 

Q16: What is BLANC’s position in China?

In China, BLANC is really popular as it is by “Girls’ Generation” Jessica. They were looking into Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Shanghai and other countries for expansion.

Q17: It seems that there could be conflict within the members?

Jessica is not interested in making money with ‘BLANC.’ This is about her ability to succeed. We could also assume the effects of her marriage rumors in this situation as well.

Q18: Could Jessica re-join Girls’ Generation? 

The chances of Jessica returning to Girls’ Generation is less than 10%. If anything, for her to come back, she has to make the first move. But, it may be too late now, especially with Tyler Kwon involved. 



At (their) actions, in the eyes of the other members, the two were unacceptable. A representative of Girls’ Generation stated, ‘We hoped that she would put in all her efforts and time into Girls’ Generation promotions, but Jessica does not know how to tell the difference between work (public) and personal affairs.


The conflicts and dissension between Jessica and the other members began around August. It was after Jessica launched her fashion brand, ‘BLANC.’ Jessica even launched a line of sunglasses through the brand. At the center of ‘BLANC’ is Tyler Kwon. He is the largest shareholder and investor in the brand and has also maintained attracting most of the income.

Of course, Jessica has invested much of her own money into the business as well. Neither SM Entertainment nor the Girls’ Generation members were opposed to Jessica’s business. However, they did express that putting (the business) before (Girls’ Generation) was a difficult problem. So all in all, ‘BLANC’ should be side business, not the main business.”


Jessica had a dream of living as a designer. She is currently getting ready to attend an American design school. To attend an American school, one needs to take the SATs. However, she planned to show her portfolio instead. In order for this to happen, she had no choice but to put all her time into her current design brand. One representative has stated, ‘We can understand her designing as she promotes as a member of Girls’ Generation. But we are against her using the Girls’ Generation brand to live (better) as a designer.’


There are a lot of concerns that (Jessica’s) promise with her fans will be running into massive problems as well. In actuality, Girls’ Generation will be holding fanmeets for about three months beginning September 30 until January 4th, 2015. There are conclusions being made questioning whether or not long-term fanmeet tours, such as the one mentioned above, will be difficult to carry on if Jessica continues to focus on her personal business (rather than Girls’ Generation promotions). Even Jessica has been experiencing friction with the deciding of her daily/weekly schedules. One of Girls’ Generation’s representatives stated, “We have asked Jessica regarding her stay or departure (from the group). From what I know, she has said that she cannot give either one up. I don’t think she knows how to choose between the two.”


It seems as though she finds herself in an unfair position, as if she thinks that she has given her all into being part of (Girls’ Generation). (She finds) that being suggested the idea of leaving the group was an unacceptable and irrational thing to do. Currently, Jessica’s agency staff and members are all awaiting her decision. Once she decides to choose “Girls’ Generation”, then Girls’ Generation must become her #1 priority. In the end, all that matters is Jessica’s sincerity. Right now, in the eyes of her members, Tyler Kwon and BLANC are Jessica’s first and foremost priority. Because of this, these conflicts are now blowing out of proportion.

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Jessica Jung Releases Official Statement on SNSD Issue

Hello, this is Jessica. 

On September 29, I was told by the company to leave SNSD, and I couldn′t hide my confusion and pain, so I decided to reveal my stance.

During my time as a SNSD member, SNSD promotions have always been my top priority ahead of my personal life or business. But despite my hard work and dedication to the team, I was given notice to leave the team from the company. 

Since the beginning stages of the business preparations until recently, I have sufficiently discussed and received understanding from SM and the members on more than one occasion.

From early August and until the BLANC launching, I received agreement and permission to do business at the same time, and began my business while receiving congratulations from the members. 

However, a month after the launching, the members suddenly changed their stances early September and called a meeting, and without a proper reason, told me to either quit my business or leave SNSD. 

I explained that I received permission from the company, have never carelessly carried out SNSD promotions, and cannot stop the business within one month of BLANC′s launching due to a business contract with a partner . 

As a result, I appealed that making me choose was an unreasonable request. Becoming a SNSD member was the greatest thing in my life and I have never thought about quitting.

Still shocked, I visited the company CEO on September 16 and explained my position and I received permission once again to continue my business on the side from the company at that place. 

However, I received an one-sided notification on September 29 from the company to leave SNSD. Due to this, I was unable to participate in the fan meeting event in Shenzhen, China on September 30, which was the following day. I′ve also been taken out of all SNSD activities. 

More than anything, I was greatly hurt and couldn′t hide my sorrow after being told to leave SNSD by my company and members, with whom I′ve poured out my passion and affection for more than 15 years, just because I started a business.

I want to apologize for causing much worry to the fans even though it wasn′t my intention to do. I want to ask for your understanding that this situation isn′t something that I wanted. I have always cherished SNSD and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for always supporting me with no end and loving me. 

Jessica Jung
October 1, 2014

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140927 - Ha Ji Won Empress Ki Promo in Singapore

Sharing some pics that i took.. i uploaded all my pic to mediafire..

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140927 - Ha Ji Won Empress Ki Promo in Singapore

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140927 SG Empress Ki Promo - Ha Ji Won (Preview)

140927 SG Empress Ki Promo - Ha Ji Won (Preview)

Tiffany’s IG: 3번째 손님은… 우리 융이!!!! #YOONASCAKEDELIVERY #융이케익배달 #SOCUTE

Love how this clip end.. it ended with Yoong’s alligator laugh XD

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